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Call for Nominations Deadline: April 1st of each year
The Investigator of the Year Award is presented to the individual who has demonstrated outstanding professional service during the past year.

Any Active, Associate, or Affiliate member of CALI is eligible for these awards.
  • Nominees for the Investigator of the Year award must be a licensed private investigator (or equivalent)
  • Affiliate member nominees must be working as an employee of a licensee or an agency who is exempt from licensure and is performing full-time investigative work.
Award Criteria
Judging will be based on the following achievements and contributions made during the past or current year, using the following criteria:
  • Outstanding professional achievement (information on a significant case or service). All must be articulated by the investigator making the nomination.
  • Special contribution to the profession (how the nominee has assisted their profession). All must be articulated by the investigator making the nomination.
  • Exceptional service to the public (the nominee’s involvement with charities and or community service(s).
The Awards Committee bases its selection on a complete nomination packet being received containing but not limited to a completed “Nomination Form” accompanied by support documentation showing how the nominee meets the three areas of award criteria. The nomination must be supported by letters in support of the nomination from the nominee’s clients, fellow investigators, private parties, elected officials, or others, which will support why the nominee deserves this award. These letters of support are necessary to the committee and the selection process.

Investigator of the Year Nomination Procedures
  • All nominations must be made by a CALI member. Each member may nominate only one candidate for the Award.
  • It is the nominating member’s responsibility to do the following for the nomination to be complete

    • Complete the online nomination form to be directed to the Awards Committee by

      April 1st of each year.

    • Include member’s nomination letter with a statement of worthy achievement, letters SUPPORTING the nomination, and any additional documentation to help confirm the award criteria listed above. Nominations without an official nomination form, letters, and documents in support of the nominee will not be considered.
    • Submit a completed nomination packet to the IOY Chair prior to the stated nomination deadline.
The nominator, nominee, and those supporting the nomination should collect the needed and required documents and all support letters. This will assure the worthiness of the candidate receiving the award. Additional support letters are key as they confirm that others inside and outside of the industry agree that the nominee is worthy of the award. The following are examples of supporting documents which should be submitted;
  • Personal Letters
  • Letters from friends, colleagues, City Officials, State Officials
  • Letters from clients
  • News Articles
  • Industry Publications
  • Certificates of Achievement 
Nominations can be sent by US mail to:
Richard J. Rivero, CPI
Oceanside Investigations
PO Box 4236
Oceanside, CA. 92052

Or by email to: Richard J. Rivero at

(Must be postmarked no later than April 1st of each year. Email must be sent by midnight on April 1st of each year)

Previous Recipients of the Investigator of the Year Award:

Richard Rivero, CPI
William H. Schneid, Ph.D
Oleg Flaksman, CPI
Joseph Travers, CPI
CW Sellers
Jean Kyles, CPI
Andrew Hanson, CPI
Joe M. Serrano, CPI
Daniel Goldsmith
Chris Reynolds
Jesus Castillo*
Sheila J. Klopper
Samuel F. Brown, CPI
Anne Fields
Mike M. Pirouzian, CPI, CSP
Walt Zwonitzer
Mark A. McClain, CPI
Ann Archer
Francie Koehler, CPI
Allen P. Cardoza
Jay H. Rosenzweig, CPI
John P. Henebry*, CPI
William E. Weller*
Samuel H. Webster*
Cynthia H. Erdelyi, CPI
Roger L. Smith, CPI
John G. Talganis, CPI
John Hart
Hal Lipset*
Robert C. Wallace, CPI, CSP
Joseph S. Memolo, CPI
Terry Finn, CPI
Steve Mendenhall
Jack H. Reed*, CPI
Arnold L. Harris
Joseph B. Laski, CPI
Daniel Y. Jones
Daniel A. Cruzz