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Can I make a RUSH posting to the listserv?

Should you need to make an immediate RUSH post to the listserv, or you are making a post after hours or on a weekend and would like a reply from a member sooner than later, please send a text message to (530) 515-8336

In the text message you should include:

Rush ListServ Message
Your Name
Post Subject

What type of ListServ does CALI have? Moderated?

CALI has designed and established a moderated listserv.

A moderated listserv list requires a human editor or moderator to approve messages before they're posted to the list. As such, when you send your post to the listserv, the posting is not immediate. There may be delays if you post after hours or on weekends. 

Should you need a post to be rushed to the membership, please send a text message to (530) 515-8336, with your name and the subject of your post while stating that you just made a rush post to the listserv. 

How do I access the listserv?

  • You must be a member of CALI to gain access to the CALI listserv.
  • You may subscribe to the listserv by going to your profile and adjusting your settings in "Forum Memberships". Your profile can be found by putting your cursor over the drop-down menu (down arrow) at the top-right of the screen next to your name.
  • Send your post from the primary email address you have provided to CALI or from the alternate email address listed in "Forum General Preferences".
Should you have any difficulties subscribing, please send an email to

NOTE - Pre-Licensed Members do not have access to the CALI listserv.
What is the correct e-mail address to use when making a post to the listserv?

To post to the CALI listserv, send your post to

How do I check if I am subscribed to a CALI listserv?

How do I check if I am subscribed to a CALI listserv?

Log into the CALI website at

2.   In the upper right-hand corner of any page on our Website, click on YOUR NAME, then click the "Profile" link.

3.  From your Profile page under the "Forums" section, click on "Forum Memberships.” 
This page lists all the listservs you belong to, along with an 'Edit' icon to modify your listserv settings and a 'Quit' icon to resign from optional listservs. There is also a list of optional listservs you may join if you wish.

The Stop All listserv Emails button allows you to temporarily stop emails for all Listservs if, for example, you go on vacation. Individual forum settings are not lost. Click Resume Forum Emails to start them coming again. 

Automatic Listservs are those you are a member of because of your involvement in CALI. For example, it might include Listservs that you belong to because of your membership in a committee or District. These Listservs have an Edit (pencil) icon, allowing you to modify preferences for each forum.

Optional Listservs are those Listservs where you have explicitly opted in to membership or where a moderator joined you. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to modify preferences. Click the red Quit icon to resign from this forum. You can also click the Quit All icon to resign from all Listservs in this list. Any Listservs you quit will be moved down to the Available Listservs list.

Available Listservs are those Listservs available to you where you are not yet a member. Click the green Join icon to join this forum. It will be moved up to the Optional Listservs list.

If your membership has expired you will not have access to the CALI Listserv(s). Pre-Licensed members do not have access to the listserv. (

How do I unsubscribe from the listserv?

Send an e-mail to Your e-mail will go directly to the CALI office. You will be unsubscribed by the office staff.

You can also unsubscribe to the Listserv from your profile.

OK, I've stopped receiving listserv e-mails to my Inbox; how to do I check the listserv?

If you have not received listserv messages for a few hours or even most of the day, there is a good chance members have not posted to the listserv during that time. This is especially true on weekends and holidays. If you have not received any listserv posts for a day or more, you should log into the CALI website and access the listserv directly to see if there have been any posts made to the listserv since the last time you received a listserv email. If there does appear to have been posts made to the listserv which you did not receive via email, go to your profile and review your Forum General Preference and Forum Memberships settings. 


1. Log into the CALI website at

2. Go to "LISTSERV" on the top menu.

3. Click on "ListServ" in the dropdown menu to review the CALI ListServ Forums page.

4. Click on "CALI Listserv" to view the individual threads made by each member.


1. While on any CALI webpage, scroll all the way up and move your mouse cursor over your name and the down arrow in the top right corner of your screen. 

2. Click on "Profile". 

3. Under Forums you will see Forum General Preferences and Forum Memberships. Click on "Forum General Preferences".

4. Make sure your "Primary Contact Email" is correct. If you do not wish to receive CALI listserv messages at your primary email address, you may add a secondary email address. First click the round bubble to the left of "This Address" and then type in the New Secondary Email Address in the box to the right. If you would like emails from all CALI listservs to be sent to this same email address, be sure to check the appropriate box.

NOTE - This secondary email address, must belong to the member of this account. Sending or forwarding listserv messages to non-members, or suspended members, is a violation of listserv rules which may result in your listserv privilege's being permanently suspended. 

5. Make sure "Send Forum Messages To Me Via Email" has a check mark in the box.

6. If you have made any changes scroll down and click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Should you continue to experience difficulties please send an email to the CALI office at or if you need assistance after hours please send a text or call (530) 515-8336.

What is the correct signature line?

At a minimum, your e-mail signature line must contain the following:

  Investigators Name
Company Name
License Number

Failure to provide a full and proper signature could mean your message is not forwarded to the membership. You will be notified by phone or email if this is the case and asked to resend your message with a proper signature line.

Can I submit a post to the listserv using the CALI website and not my personal e-mail?


1. Log into the CALI website at

2. Go to "LISTSERV" on the top menu.

3. Click on "ListServ" in the dropdown menu to review the CALI ListServ Forums page.

4. Click on "CALI Listserv" to view the individual threads made by each member.

4. Click "Start New Thread," or you may "reply" to an existing thread.

5. Be sure to add your full signature line.

I want to submit information in response to a posting, an article, topical information or advice to the membership as a whole. How do I do that?

When responding to a listserv posting, you can either reply directly to the original sender or the entire membership.

 If your reply is a personal reply with private information or an offer to accept work you should reply only to the original sender as these type of replies will not be forwarded to the membership.

To reply directly to the sender only, simply click on "Reply" using your specific email application. If you want your reply to be visible to the entire membership click "Reply All" using your specific email application. 

Once you have submitted your posting to the listserv it will be reviewed in relation to the listserv rules. 

I have a question about a posting and I don’t know if it is proper for the list. What can I do?

You should first review the CALI ListServ Rules.

If you still have a question or are uncertain as to whether a post is appropriate for the listserv, please send an e-mail to the Listserv Chair, Lee Wolfe, at

I have a disagreement with CALI or a member. What do I do if I can’t post my complaint to the list?

Submit any issue or disagreement about the association or the CALI ListServ to the following:

Frank Huntington, CALI President -

CALI Office, Executive Director -

What is the review process for moderating a listserv posting?

All listserv posts are reviewed by Moderators before being forwarded to the listserv subscribers. Any one moderator can review the posting to ensure it conforms to current listserv rules. Once reviewed, it is immediately released to the membership. Any listserv post with a technical violation will be released with a private note to the member to fix the problem.

A listserv posting that violates a prohibited use will not be forwarded to the membership. The moderators will immediately contact the member, advise the member of the problem and either request a fix or advise the member that the posting cannot be submitted. The member is obligated to correct the posting, or it won’t be submitted.

Can the listserv Moderator Change or edit a listserv posting before it is released to the list?

Yes, the moderators have the ability to edit Listserv posts. Often times, if the sender makes a small technical violation or includes a subjects personal information in the posting, the moderators will correct the technical violation or delete all of, or a portion of, a subjects personal information before releasing the post. 

The sender will be notified of any edits made to a post. 

I don’t like the action of the committee to moderate my post; can I appeal?

Yes. The first appeal is to the Chair of the listserv Committee for reconsideration. The second level of appeal is to the Board of Directors. Appeals to the Board of Directors are for the resolution of serious violations. 

Please review the Listserv Rules for further details.

Who are the CALI ListServ Moderators?

Juan Alarcon, Chairperson

Send a text for RUSH requests or call to discuss listserv problems
(530) 515-8336

Chris Reynolds

Lee Wolfe

Ed Mussen

Frank W. Huntington III

Roberto Rivera

Richard Rivero

I have a question or an interesting news article related to a legislative matter. Can I post this to the listserv?

Members can post informative news articles and various publications to the CALI listserv, but those postings related to Legislative Issues or hot button political issues which which may or may not affect the Private Investigator industry, or are of a matter being reviewed by the CALI Governmental Affairs Committee, are prohibited.

We instead ask that you send the article or your topic of discussion to the Governmental Affairs Committee Chair Person, Francie Koehler  for review and possible posting to the listserv. Its important that we speak as one voice and all Legislative issues must be reviewed for accuracy before being forwarded to the membership. 

NOTE - CALI does not allow listserv postings of a political nature.