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CALI Mentorship and Volunteer Pilot Program

Published on 6/17/2021


The CALI Mentorship and Volunteer pilot program is designed to offer newly licensed investigators a personal and experienced one-on-one guide to assist them in navigating CALI’s features and member benefits and answer questions about the PI business. In addition, the mentoring program will help retain new members by building stronger relationships.

Mentors will help new members in the following ways:
  • Helping new members develop their membership profile and getting them enrolled on the Listserv
  • Familiarizing new members with the CALI Events Calendar, Leg Day and the Annual Conference, as well as introducing them to other CALI benefits
  • Introducing new members to their District Governor
  • Encouraging the new members to attend district meetings and registering for Professional Development Webinars
  • Introducing newly licensed members to the tools of the trade, information data brokers, DMV Records accounts, research sites, OSINT, and recommending other resources as needed
  • Connecting new members to other CALI members who possess experience and skills in their specialty area
  • Answering general questions about promoting their business
  • Being supportive, constructive and encouraging to the new member

Volunteer Mentors Needed, The Best of the Best!

CALI is seeking high-caliber mentor volunteers for its Mentorship and Volunteer pilot program.

To be eligible, the Mentorship volunteer must possess:

  • Minimum five years as a CA BSIS Private Investigator Qualified Manager 
  • Minimum five years of CALI membership in good standing
  • Willingness to schedule periodic meetings and communicate with the new member for a period of 90 days (or longer by mutual agreement)
  • CALI elected Board Officers are not be eligible to be Mentors, but all other CALI leaders and experienced CALI members are welcome to register
  • CPI Credits will be offered to those Mentors who are CPI’s

To register and apply as a volunteer Mentor, click on the link below.  We will establish a list.

Register to be a Volunteer Mentor

Once the registration process is complete, the mentor will be placed on a waiting list.  The Mentor will be notified once they have been paired with an interested new member.  We will launch the pilot program with a limited number of mentors and following an initial evaluation period, the program may be expanded to a larger group. 

Please contact or the Mentorship Chairperson Anthony Hopkins at, if you have any questions.