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PI Identification Card Reminder

Published on 8/17/2022

PI Identification Card Reminder

As you recall, CALI sponsored Senate Bill 385 (Jones) a bill some time back that required the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) to begin issuing a better photo identification card for private investigators, one that included an expiration date.  It took some time for the Bureau to find a vendor, but they eventually secured the services of PSI. 

The rollout has been a bit rocky, but we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.  In a recent conversation I had with BSIS Chief Lynne Andres, she described the situation as a bit of a “Whack A Mole” as when the Bureau solved one issue another one popped up.  Rest assured, the Bureau is tackling this project with extreme vigor and has assigned one technician to focus specifically on the issues and has helped facilitate many of our members with securing their new IDs.

The main issue seems to be with the individual PSI offices “Not getting the memo.”  Therefore, Chief Andres and her staff have developed these suggested steps for obtaining the new ID:

  1. The system is primarily designed for newly licensed PIs or those whose licenses are about to expire.  For the latter, it is suggested you start your renewal process 90 or so days prior to the expiration date, and you are highly encouraged to use the BREEZE system.  (As an aside, I used BREEZE to renew and had my new license within a week.)
  2.  Once you have confirmed your license has been renewed by either receiving it or verifying online, visit your local PSI office.  (Click here for a list of locations.)  You may want to call ahead to check for the hours of operation.
  3. Upon arriving at the PSI office, explain that you are a licensed private investigator and are there to have your picture taken for your identification card.  PSI SHOULD NOT CHARGE YOU A FEE as the fee is included in your license renewal.
  4. Provide them with your company license number.
  5. If the PSI representative asks for your file number, (politely) explain that is not the current procedure, and again, they should look you up by the company license number.  If that does not work, (again, politely) ask for a supervisor as the PSI supervisors seem to have a handle on the new ID procedures.
  6. If, after all that, they still do not understand the procedure, please email the office location, person(s) you spoke with, and any other details to Again, BSIS has been very responsive in helping our members to solve any issues they have had.

The new ID is mandatory, and you will need to take a new picture for the first one.  Like our driver’s license photos, the picture will be good for ten years.

I hope this helps.  As always, feel free to reach out to me or CALI with any questions.

Frank W. Huntington, III
CALI President